September 18, 19, 20, 2009  - WICHITA
o Drag Douglas  - See Art on the Walk
o See the old Planeview bus stop at KRESS - 
o See the old theater locations -Miller, Wichita, Palace,      Orpheum
o Eat at the Original NU WAY Café - West Douglas
NuWays, Pork Tenders, Chili, Shakes, Root Beer, UUUUUMMMMM GOOD
o See the Planeview High School Memorial
o See the Indian Museum and exhibits
o Renew your romance in Riverside/Oak Park
o See Municipal University of Wichita now WICHITA
o See the River Walk
o See Wichita Air Museum

Mark your calendars now for Sept.18-20, 2009

Write a long lost Class mate and tell them you will see them there.
60th ‘49er REUNION

If you have an e-mail address please send it to

What You Missed!!

We made it through a great reunion where we got reacquainted with each other. We had 26  classmates and spouses  attend. Over half of our class of 86 (?) have departed so we considered our turn out was very good. Again thank you Deryl and Helen  (Sims) Hull  for getting our hotel reservations and  Helen (Wright) James and Chuck Mansfield  for making our restaurant reservations.

A few comments from our classmates:

J.B. and Patsy Tarr -It is so good to renew friendships and recall good memories. The closeness of the 49ers is remarkable. We really came for one another!

Ray Jones _ I have a poem -"I have fished....."

Don and Alberta Lank - It's great to be a Planeview 49' er. Wonderful seeing everyone again. Be Thankful we were able to attend this year, Good health to all.

Pat (Tipton) and Deryl Hixon - We like this ! We want to party! (While we can still walk) Any one for a swim in the gravel pits?

Ray Jones  (R. J.) - I have a poem - "I have fished many ......

Deryl Hull - We have fun! You could too!

Helen  (SIms) Hull - It is great to have a chance to visit with our former classmates,

R.J - I have a poem -" I have fished many a stream .....

Richard and Norvella Elston- Come see what you missed.

Delores (Nelson) and Paul Kaliszewski - You just do not know what  you are missing. We're having a wonderful time. Hearing more terrific memories. MISS YOU!

R.J.-  I have a poem -" I have fished many a stream and the....

Helen (Wright) James  and Chuck Mansfield - How wonderful to see every one and to see "our memorial" The Spirit of PHS lives on.

R.J. - I have a poem - -" I have fished many a stream and the best .....

Jane (Asher) and Jack Quigley - It's been great! I'd come even if I had to get a wheelchair to get around.. It is  so much fun to see everyone and catch up on lives.

Shirley (Hamilton) and Harold McKellips - This has been a refreshing experience. So good to see many friends who are doing well. We are indebted  to all who worked so hard to get us together to enjoy such  a great time of memories.

R.J. - I have a poem - -" I have fished many a stream and the best one.....

Ray Jones - Had a great time . Thanks to all who helped make this a success

Georgia Hazel ( friend of R.J.) -I came as a guest of Rays but I left with a lot of friends. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I had a great time

R.J. - I have a poem - -" I have fished many a stream and the best one is....

Lois (Trent) and Gerald Belisine- We had a good time. Wish we could have participated more but Gerald tires quickly

Ray really has a very good poem. Write him and ask for a copy.

Ed and Carol Houston - Thank you all for coming and joining our 60th reunion. I think everyone had a good time with lots of stories and memories. We especially missed those that could not make it including Mickies cherie smile, Jack T. energy, Patsy and George Elliott, Dean Funks political discussions with Ray Jones.

We toured Oliver to Planeview;saw the Planeview H.S. memorial, Hillside to Douglas; Douglas to Kresses  (Planeview bus stop); Douglas to McLean Blvd to Indian statute "Keeper of the Plains" Then to NU WAY for lunch then to the Plains Indian Museum

Several classmates wrote a greeting.
Mickie (Nichols) Reed - sorry I missed the party but my doctor froze me here. I really missed you all.

Patsy (Bean) and George Elliott - We were all packed and ready to hit the road but then our city had a cloud burst and our new glassed patio room leaked like a sieve so we had to cancel and protect our property and get a contractor to repair. I know we missed seeing everyone and a  fine party

Jack and Carol Tipton - Jack is doing as well as can be expected. I know he will miss seeing every one.

Wayne Widner_ sorry I can not be there. Say Hi to all.