'49er 55th REUNION
We met at 5 in the atrium before going to the welcome dinner across the street in the conference center.
The Group at the welcome dinner:  Walt Johnson, Vince Hines, Dorothy Pearl (Scott) Johnson, Jimmie Reynolds, Betty (Baumchen) Hines, Helen Jones, Betty (Ammann) Lawson, Ray Jones, Norvella Elston, Richard Elston, Patsy (Bean) Elliott, Deryl Hull, George Elliott, Helen (Simms) Hull, Carroll Funk, Dean Funk, Ruea (Nichols) Reed, Ed Houston, Jack Tipton, Carol Houston, Carol Tipton, Helen (Wright) James, Jack Quigley, Jane (Asher) Quigley, Phyllis Asher, Chuck Mansfield.
Members of the Planeview High School Class of 1949 present:  Betty (Baumchen) Hines, Kansas City; Jimmie Reynolds, Rose Hill; Dorothy Pearl (Scott) Johnson, Huntsville, AL; Ray Jones, Clinton, MO; Richard Elston, Hayes; Helen (Simms) Hull, Overland Park; Deryl Hull, Overland Park; Ruea (Nichols) Reed, Boulder City, NV; Dean Funk, Las Vegas, NV; Patsy (Bean) Elliott, Albuquerque, NM; Jack Tipton (Class of '51), Wichita; Jane (Asher) Quigley, Alamogordo, NM; Ed Houston, Redlands, CA; Betty (Ammann) Lawson, Wichita; and Helen (Wright) James, Wichita.
We searched the bricks for our own and friends' names.  Having the list surely helped.
We took two group pictures at the wall to be sure we got everybody.  Someone is always looking elsewhere but that's okay.
Deryl Hull is NOT as tall as Dean Funk - he is sitting on the wall to give that appearance.
Two shots of our table at Larkspur, from each end.  If you weren't there, you missed a great time!
Chuck and Helen at the Melodrama
The Winner!!! The Bride of Frankenstein!!!
Two contestants vie for the prize