Planeview High School
All School Reunion 2004
Class of 54 Opened the festivities at the Shrine with their 50th Reunion dinner. The Class of 54 headquartered in the Hampton Inn and used an Air-Conditioned bus to move around the town during their celebrations.
Standing in the center of the seating and holding the camera high produced these four shots.  Looking first Northwest, then Northeast caught the above groups.  Below are shots tto the Southwest and Southeast.  The angles of the shots left out the Class of 54 who have there own header above and the Class of 49 whose picture is shown below along with your Webmaster and his fifinella, Helen Wright James.  The official photographer took individual class pictures during the early part of the evening, offering them and the group pictures taken at the dedication for purchase at $12.00 each.
Members of Class of 49 present at the All School function.
The Class of 51 had too many members and spouses present for the half table assigned to them so they moved enmasse to another table that had more room.  Members of the classes originally assigned moved to other locations to satisfy their space needs.  It was a big crowd and appeared to use all preset chairs and need more brought into the ballroom. 
The dance was serviced by a disc jockey and there were ample soft drinks and popcorn to satisfy any needs.  Table decorations included Class Flags, PHS megaphones, and Black and White mortar boards (as seen in this picture).
Alumni signed in when they arrived in the lower lobby and could reminisce over ols class group pictures displayed in the upper lobby.
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