Gremlins on Fridays - 2
The fun continues when the Gremlins gather on Friday mornings for breakfast and fellowship.  If you are a Gremlin or went to Planeview High School for part of your schooling, then we want you to come out, meet the folks and be a part of this great heritage.  If you can't make it some of the time, plan on being here in Wichita on even year first weekends in August for the greatest reunions any school has ever had in this great country!!!
Facing the camera: Carol Tipton, Elma Hudson Ash, Elma's two grandsons and son Robert, Tom Hudson, and on the end is Chuck Mansfield with spouse Helen Wright James, standing is School Historian Mary Field Lancaster.
Joe McIntire and Clarice Brown Wenke
Facing camera: Robert Ash & son, Tom Hudson, Chuck Mansfield, Helen Wright James, Mary Field Lancaster, Ken Kidwell
Chuck Mansfield, Helen Wright James, Mary Field Lancaster, Betty Ammann Lawson, Phyllis Asher Zielke
Jim McKnight, Carol Tipton, Jack Tipton
The waitress pases out menus to the Gremlin bunch on March 22, 2002
(R to l): Jim McKnight, Susie Sanford and Husband Amos.