Jock Gillespie Tribute!!
Jock's daughter, Twila Smith, was at Flap Jack's on Friday, Feb 21, at our regular time to share a tribute to Jock. Jock loved all of you very much and requested this.  Twila shared with us some memories of her father and how he truely loved his friends from Planeview.  Jock credited the teachers and students at PHS with turning his life around and "saving my life".  Jock went on to Friends after PHS and was an accompished vocalist.  He had recorded a number of songs which he instructed his daughter to get onto a CD.  The proof copy arrived at Jock's house on January 23, and Jock was listening to his music when he passed.  Twila has named the CD "Jock Gillespie Sings With The Angels" to commemorate his last moments.  At Jock's pevious direction, Twila brought copies of Jock's CD to the Memorial Service at Flap Jacks and passed them to everyone present.
Daughter Twila Smith and Granddaughter Rebecca
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