A friendly Texas farewell from the good people of SAN ANTONIO

A great gathering of the 49'ers at the MENGER Hotel was highlighted by good food at BOUDRO'S, MI TIERRA, CRABBY JOES, and the TOWER OF AMERICA. The MENGER, a registered historic hotel, furnished a hospitality room where we had lots of conversation, some of which was believable. The MENGER also had a very bountiful breakfast bar with an unlimited supply of that morning breath of life, coffee. We toured the ALAMO, Missions, Hemisphere, and Mercado as well as a short trolley ride around the Hemisphere Exposition. Some comments of those attending:

Pat Hixon -This was great, SO were the margaritas and pralines.

Darrel Hixon -Wonderful Time

Jack Tipton -Great fiends and great times.

Carol Tipton -What a great time. Looking forward to our next time in 2004.

Helen James and Chuck Mansfield -Fantastic fellowship, fine foods, THE BEST YET.

Shirley McKellips -This is wonderful. Our Best. Who knew it would be so much fun. We'll not miss another one, the LORD welling.

Jack Quigley -These gatherings are always good fun -but this one was the best -because of the great people.

Jane Quigley -This has been so much fun. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Can hardly wait for 2004 'til we go again. Loved the River Walk -and just recalling old times.

Helen Hull- What a great group of friends. I only wish we all lived closer. We have a great time with great conversation. Where we are isn't as important as who we are with.

Deryl Hull- Lots of fun and stories. Well worth the effort of the drive down here.

Harold McKellips -Words are such poor vehicles to express my feelings. The fellowship was the best. Activities were well planned and lots of fun. Our trip to San Antonio Shoe Factory was great even though Ed Houston was continually lost and only through the great navigational powers of George and Pat Elliott did we manage to see civilization and our loved ones. Thanks George and Pat.

Pat Elliott -This was the greatest. We are thankful for good friends and their efforts in getting us together.

George Elliott -Ed Houston may be an organizer but a driver and navigator he's not Thanks Ed for scaring us to death.

Ed Houston -When we get together it is like time has passed us by and we have returned to our youth, renewing our good friends. Our only regret is that more of our classmates were not able to be with us. PLEASE MAKE A MAX EFFORT FOR OUR 55th in WICHITA

The following classmates sent word that they could not attend but will do their best to make mid September 2004 in WICHITA.

Pat and J. B. Tarr- Tell everyone hi. We would be there but have a family outing conflict.

Delores and Paul Kaliszewski -Delores is recovering from a near fatal bout with pneumonia. She sends greetings and plans to see us in 2004.

Dick and Norvella Elston -Norvella had a 50th High School reunion at the same time so they could not attend. They say HI to all and hope to see us in Wichita in 2004.

Harriet and Jim Doran -Had a family gathering conflict but hoped all had a good time and planned to see us
in 2004.

Bill Webster -Bill is in a nursing home in Hemet CA. and is failing.

Lolita Owens -Had to have some health tests and could not reschedule. Plans to see us in 2004

Dorothy Johnson -Dorothy had what appeared to be a heart attack and was scheduled for test. She really
wanted to come

Dean and Carol Funk -Carols brother is terminally ill and they are on stand by to go see him. They really wanted to come and send their best to all. They hope to see us all in 2004.

Mickey Reed -Wanted badly to come but could not so will see us in Wichita in 2004. "Tell all hi and I wish I was with them."

Wheelchair Races and Walker shuffle board

-~ As planned the wheel chair races were held in the flower garden of the hotel to assure cushioning of the contestants in case of accidents. Suffice it to say that the younger classmates, Tipton and Quigley beat the hell out of Hull and Elliott with Hixon, Mckellips and Mansfield coming in last. Houston spun his wheels and crashed into the geraniums before he got to the starting line. JUST WAIT 'TIL WICHITA

We set up to have the walker shuffle board in the garden but P. Hixon said to hell with sweating in all that humidity, went into the hotel lobby threw all of the furniture into a corner, rolled up the rugs and started the game. H. Hull and H. James did not have a chance and were crushed in the first round. S. Mckellips put on a suit of armor she found in the lobby to protect herself from J. Quigley who was swinging her cane like a battle ax to clear the path. C. Tipton borrowed two skateboards to accelerate her walker and won the match P. Elliott challenged the winner but was defeated when Tipton tossed Hull into her path and won again. The hotel manager said he never saw a bloodier shuffleboard match. We will have ambulances in WICHITA.

55th REUNION 2004

The group discussed the next get together and decided that our 55th Reunion would be in Wichita mid September 2004 so PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Mid Sept is cooler weather and easier to do things.

We encourage everyone to participate in the ALUMNI All School Reunion in Aug. 2004 and do not want to detract from that great get together.


We have decided to join the 21st century and go to email for our 4ger notices. For the last lO years we have sent U.S. mail to everyone that we had an address about the various activities, reunions and outings. About one half the mailings respond so we know they care about hearing about their classmates and activities. With the high cost of postage we are going to stop the snail mail except to those that do not have a computer. We will post the activities of the 49ers on our own web page-

Chuck Mansfield, our webmaster (Helen James husband) has really worked hard to get the web page going. Visit the page and store it in your "favorite places" for easy recall. We will notify by e-mail all new posting pertaining to the 49ers.


For those without computers we will still snail mail but you must notify us that you want the mailing. PLEASE SEND A LETTER QR CARD TO ED HOUSTON 1442 HENRIETTA ST. REDLANDS. CA 92373 with your name. address and phone.



Class of 49 Final Report - San Antonio Reunion
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